Paediatrics Serving Tweed Valley and surrounds


Neuro-musculoskeletal check-ups at 6 weeks.

Which includes:

  • Primitive reflexes.

  • Regional examinations of head, face, cranium, upper & lower extremities, spine and hips.

  • Hip screening for dysplasia.

Other Appointments that focuses on a key issue such as neuro-musculoskeletal components of:

  • Difficulties with breastfeeding and latching.

  • Birth trauma.

  • Unsettled and irritable babies.

  • Colic and wind.

  • Reflux, constipation.

  • Stiff/wry (Torticollis) neck.

  • Flat head (Plagiocephaly) syndrome.


We may assist in the management of delayed physical milestones and growth disorders. Some common conditions being Sever’s disease, Perthes’ disease, Osgood Schlatters.

Other Appointments that focuses on a key issue such as neuro-musculoskeletal components of:

  • Headaches.

  • Injuries from accidents and falls.

  • Tummy aches.

  • Asthma.

  • Ear problems.


We may assist in the management of neuro-musculoskeletal components of:

  • Sporting injuries.

  • Postural problems (tech neck from gaming/computer use).

  • Menstrual problems.

  • Headaches.

  • Scheuermann’s disease.

  • Scoliosis.

  • Growth disorders.

  • Neck and back pain etc.



Emma completed a Master of Osteopathic Medicine and Bachelor of Clinical Science (Majoring in Human Structure and Function, and Osteopathic Studies). Other qualifications include a Diploma of Sport (Developmental) and Level 1 Sport Trainer. She has also attended further education in myofascial dry needling, cupping, and evidenced-based management of musculoskeletal injuries. Emma’s takes a direct approach to find the root cause of your complaints. Emma particularly enjoys helping pregnant women through stages of maternity and post-partum, including a 6-week wellness consultation for the baby. She is currently working towards a post graduate certificate of paediatric practice (common conditions). Emma also teaches Osteopathy at Southern Cross University. In her free time, she spends time with family and friends, surfing, and walking her dog Leroy.